Introducing Muse Micro

2018 Innovation of the Year in Microscopy Today

Digital Images. Immediate Results.

Images are immediately available and ready to send electronically.

Results within Minutes – Not Weeks.

Faster results, faster diagnosis- no matter the patient’s location.

No Re-Training Needed.

Ability to mimic H&E slides so that pathologists already know how to read the images.

No More Formalin or Wax Clean-Up.

Slide-free pathology eliminates handling formalin, wax clean-up/disposal and microtome maintenance/upkeep.

Life-Saving Speed.

Results are not only immediate, but also highly detailed.  Abnormalities that do not appear on slides are more easily identifiable using UV surface excitation.

Cost Effective

Slide-free technology is cost effective- no more slides or supplies and also, less labor time.

Images Offer an Unprecedented Level of Quality and Detail.

Based on IP developed jointly at Lawrence Livermore and UC Davis, Muse (Microscopy with Ultraviolet Sectioning Excitation) Micro uses short-wavelength UV light which penetrates only microns-deep into tissue eliminating the need for precision-cut, thin specimens and even slides. In addition, short-wavelength UV light excites many fluorescent dyes simultaneously, providing brilliant snap-shot color imagery. The results are stunningly detailed color images containing a degree of resolution, structure and depth unachievable until Muse Micro.
Stunningly Detailed Images

Muse Micro technology provides unprecedented detailed color images using short-wavelength UV light to penetrate tissue only microns-deep, eliminating the need for precision-cut specimens and slides.

Results in MINUTES

High-quality sample preparation is narrowed from the industry standard 2 weeks to only minutes, allowing faster physician and veterinarian patient diagnosis and treatment protocol.

Reusable Samples

Non-destructive  technology retains the quality of the original samples, preserving valuable tissue for molecular studies. Digital technology allows fast and easy distribution of results.

Slide-Free Histology
An affordable solution for physicians and veterinarians, saving the US Healthcare System several million dollars annually at $7 to $40 per slide with the current system.

Harnessing the Power of UV Surface Excitation Delivers Rapid Histopathological Imaging.

Standard histological tissue processing involves multiple time-consuming steps including tissue fixation, dehydration, paraffin embedding, physical sectioning and staining, and therefore typically requires at least one day before specimens can be evaluated. Muse Micro technology also eliminates the need for microtome maintenance.

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